LA Dog Daddy

LA Dog Daddy


LA Dog Daddy Dog Care In SFVLA Dog Daddy QRIf your dog happens to be a snob and you are looking for a swimming pool and fireworks, LA Dog Daddy isn’t the right place for your pet. But if your dog doesn’t like being lonely and could benefit from the care of a substitute dog parent (dog boarding, dog care and / or pet sitting), you found him!

LA Dog Daddy is located in a small house in a quiet neighborhood in San Fernando Valley and hosts just one to three dogs at a time. (NO kennels or cages!) It is the place where your dog will get personalized attention.

Your doggy will be played with, walked, exercised, fed and tended to according to your instructions and well-taken care of in a home environment. Most of all, your dog will be safe, comfortable, entertained and be not only socialized but have plenty one-on-one interaction with a human being while you are away.

Dog boarding, day and evening dog care and / or pet sitting are available; so is pickup and drop off at your home. You can fill out admission and other necessary forms ahead of time by downloading them from our Website.

Once your dog becomes a regular at LA Dog Daddy, you’ll enjoy another benefit of having a reliable substitute dog parent, dog boarding, dog care and / or pet sitting: guilt-free time for yourself.

Lifelong Dog Daddy provides loving dog care in San Fernando Valley: good for your dog, priceless for your peace of mind.