LA Dog Daddy

About LA Dog Daddy


Dog Sitting In SFVLA Dog Daddy is a lifelong dog parent and dog enthusiast. He’s been a poodle daddy for many, many years and until recently a Rottweiler daddy. (The Rotti, who went by the name Macho, lost his fight with cancer at the age of 18. Macho left LA Dog Daddy with a hole in his heart.) With no plans to find a replacement for Macho – who was irreplaceable! – LA Dog Daddy gives all his love and undivided attention to the dogs he cares for.

Semi-retired artist, professional photographer and ex-professional athlete, LA Dog Daddy has a soft spot for dogs. He understands them and they are naturally drawn to him. The secret of his success? He appreciates dogs, respects their personalities and needs. Dogs respond to him in kind. Yours will too.

P.S. One more thing, the Website is new: count on many pictures to come. LA Dog Daddy is passionate about dogs AND photography!