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Dog Boarding In San Fernando Valley


Dog Boarding In San Fernando ValleyThe official name is “dog boarding”. In reality, unlike many impersonal, mass dog boarding facilities, LA Dog Daddy takes care of one to three dogs at a time at his home. Your doggie is used to being a family member so I welcome sofa-lounging, toy play, socialization and neighborhood walks! There are no cages, no kennels, no concrete floors, no “prison cots”! It isn’t really “dog boarding” but staying over at a friend’s house in San Fernando Valley!

Your doggie won’t be traumatized by a separation from you – like he or she would be in a more formal dog boarding facility – but relaxed as he or she is when you’re visiting your human dog-parent friends. Your dog may be away from you, but still with a human friend and in a home-like setting.

Your doggie will be walked, exercised, fed and cared for according to your instructions in a small house in a quiet neighborhood. Your doggie will be safe, comfortable, entertained and have plenty of human attention while you are away.

To make things even easier for you, pickup and drop off at your home – in San Fernando Valley – is available.

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