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Dog Care In San Fernando Valley


Dog Care In San Fernando ValleyLA Dog Daddy provides dog care in mid-SFV. Dog care comes in many forms to accommodate dogs’ and human dog parents’ needs. There is dog boarding and dog sitting at LA Dog Daddy’s home as well as dog care, or dog daycare, if you will.

Many dog parents are concerned about their dog’s well-being while they are at work for long stretches of time. With LA Dog Daddy, you won’t have to worry!

Your doggie will be played with, walked, exercised, fed and tended to according to your instructions and well-taken care of in a home environment, during times when you’re not available. Your dog will be safe, comfortable, entertained and have plenty of one-on-one interaction with a human being while you are busy earning money for “dog food”.

LA Dog Daddy was a dog parent all his life and provides dog care at his home: not fancy but homey small house in a quiet neighborhood in mid-San Fernando Valley. His natural ease in relating to dogs will take an edge of your doggie’s separation anxiety. Your pet will have so much fun and play he or she won’t have time to miss you. (LA Dog Daddy has a soft side too: he loves stroking and brushing dogs and they like it, too!)

Discover new guilt-free life with LA Dog Daddy dog daycare! There are nannies, daycare and baby-sitters for human children, LA Dog Daddy provides much needed respite and peace of mind to dog parents!

To make things even easier for you, pickup and drop off at your home – in San Fernando Valley – is available.

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