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LA Dog Daddy welcomes dog parents’ reviews! You are welcome to submit a review of your dog’s stay with me and / or read reviews of other dog parents whose dogs are or were taken care of by LA Dog Daddy.

You've got a magic touch

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My dachsie Booboo spent the weekend under the care LA Dog Daddy. It was my first experience with a new dog care place and I have to say that I was both satisfied and surprised. Why surprised? Booboo wasn’t eager to go home. His behavior told me volumes.

God bless you

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LA Dog Daddy is all heart! All I have to say is thank you very, very much. Rest assured, both I and Hamlet will be back soon.

Great experience

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I didn’t expect much from my dog’s first overnight stay at Dog Daddy, but it went very well. Neither my dog, nor Dog Daddy complained. (I should have mentioned that Peach tends to be cranky and usually suffers from a massive separation anxiety!) Now I know where to park her when I go to Florida next month. Thank you LA Dog Daddy, you rock!


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